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I'll be missing you in my heart.

I know that its not it. That it's me who cannot stand by your side.
And I know that its the end but its not easy for me.
When the season we first met comes around a familiar longing lingers
in my heart and the wishes I used to try and forget are
crumbling down in this time.
Remember gloomy summer dreams. I'll love with you.
A long time has passed but everyday I am missing you.
I can't leave from this spot. Remember.

The blinding warm summer sunlight and your transparent smile through that

light. In a second it becomes a sweet short dream, and will probably
remain as a memory of a past summer day.

I can't wait for you, I'll love with you
Until the day the world ends, I love you for I'll wait till
the day that I can see you again.