Alabaster Box

Rock Of Ages

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Nyame ba e, m'ɛnpaaba
Nyame akoa e, ɛmma w'abamu mbu
Fa w'asɛm nyinaa hyɛ ne nsa
Ɔbɛyɛ ama wo

The Rock of ages is our God
Tell the powers not to tamper with us
We are the people of His heart
Because of us He never sleeps nor slumbers
If God Almighty be for us
Who on earth can be against us
We are the apple of the Lord's eyes
He will take vengeance on those who oppose us
He possesses all things
He possesses all might
He is the creator of all things
We have, we trust, we serve Jehovah
We serve El-Ohim
We serve the great King
We serve the mighty terrible God