Pianos Become the Teeth


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How's it stand?
What are we?
Let that sand flush my cheeks
Wear me out
Keep me clean
Keep me longing
Keep that quiet company
Wear me out
I heard a voice telling me

Like your smoke waving
And my eyes repine
Wear me out
That wick wont burn away
It's giving uneven rings
Wear me out
Like a sister haunting absence
Like a sister who's finally had it

Like a room left open just for being kept
Like some lonely facet
Like the promise of a place and knowing
You're neither here nor there
Wear me out
And the tree tops like crooked beliefs
Cross hatch crows feet reaching
For the Baltimore heat

And I repine faster and faster now
Your wick wont burn away
What are we without regret?
What are we?
Wear me out
What are we without that end?
Without that death? That darkness?

Wear me out
There's so many parallels from then until now
We try to believe
We keep telling ourselves
It's a flaw that can't be faked
I heard a voice passing through
And I know it's never you
And I know what I'm looking to find
And I repine faster and faster now
Your wick wont burn away

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