Mind Da Gap

Representin´ Lovely

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Meet me downtown, I'll be at the shopping mall
before you get there, just give me another call
I'll have the stuff ready, packed and rapped up,
yo you bring the dough, to maintain my cash flow.
Son I'm having visions of near future to come
I see all the fat gear, right here inside of my dome
the jeeps, the coups, real estate all over the place
you know I ain't no joker, I'm the Ace
Playa hatas, beware I ain't scared of no fool
cause I role that's why my profile stays so cool
you fake, I'm slick, I'm awake, you always sleep
I'm a hustla, doin my game on the creep.
Reality's a bitch cuz it can show who you are
not an o.g., cuz that's a self inflicted scar.

You know, we gotta get off this stress
to live large'n dress Guess'n finesse
smoke bless'n crack up da bubbly
all day, everyday, representin' lovely
face on da magazine, perpetual search fo' cream strive
to live factual'n make da Gap glean

Bad boys move in silence, I drop mad science
and break all teh roles of consciousness with defience
mathematics at school, was my torment, my pain
in the ass, my class comes from equations of what I gain.
One plus one's gotta mean three fo' me, shit fo' you
or one if we talkin' about peeps that're true.
Bit back to the business in hand, still wating fo' the man
I keep looking, but I ain't seen his fucking' van
call up my dogs, bring the one coalition, kid
revelation's the plan, cuz I ain't payin no bid
no punk gonna snitch on me, back stab on me
no stupid redneck gonna play the funny bitch on me
it gets nasty everytime I put myself to a battle,
my logo's the Dragon, but I might rattle.
It's been a while since I last penetrated yo ears,
but here i am, once again to perpetuate yo fears
I'm the master, so I blast ya with the unbelievable
flow my guns in words, my game is a rap show the battle's freestyle,
mad verbals reign supreme
the coalition, now that's my fuckin' team
I hustle ideias'n I deal fat rhymes
please, dont try to copy, this style is just mine
the specialist, notorious, yes, the top'o the list you last,
neverless, always the first to get dissed the man has arrived,
no beef it's iiight two packs of Mind da gap
tapes to USA's that right?
Fools, yes I gotcha, an eye for an eya,
clown go chase mass appeal, I'm the Don in the underground!

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