Rescue Me

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God, I need You
Please, rescue me
I know you said to trust you
I know you told me to believe
But I find it hard to fight the voice inside of me
That's saying
There's no use in praying
Cause things will never change
I keep going in the same circle again
But then my soul cries out

Rescue me
Would you come and save me?
Cause I
Feel like I
Feel like I'm drifting far away from you
Because out here is dark and dreary
I know that you will bring me safely through
And I will be OK as long as I'm with you

So thin a small voice whispered softly in my ear
It's morning now
I'll help you face your fears
Cause nothing you could ever do
Could take my love away from you
I've always been right here waiting for you
So cry out to me

[Repeat Chorus]

If you ever feel like you've gone too far
You've stayed too long at
He will not leave you
Now that his love is strong
Strong enough to stay with you
Throughout every star

[Repeat Chorus]

My soul is crying
I need you, father
This pain is hard to bear
Please, rescue me
Help me face my fears
My insecurities
And Jesus, if you hear me crying
Please, come and rescue me

My life is your hands
All I have is all I am
Everything I have is yours
Please, take away the pain
Be my shelter from the rain
Tell the sun to shine again
Please, rescue me

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

And I will be OK as long as I'm with you
Rescue me

[Repeat Chorus and fade]

Autor(es): Cherub Roth / David Caton