Absurd Minds

Restrictive Delusion

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We appeared as leaders, we appeared as friends,
We appeared as teachers - but you`ve not got it.
Think about it longer. it won`t do any harm.
Please don`t distort our words.
We came to get you another angle of view about
Your life.
We hoped you`d realize.
Knowledge doesn`t mean to prove the things.
It means to feel them.
You kiss pictures, you make processions,
You organize rituals. each confession.
You wear crosses, crystals and charms.
It seems you never change. it`s just a fashion.
You pour another coat of treacle over your imgage.
At the same time you smile.
Now you`re totally creamed with tacky
Meditations about love and god.

You created tears - restrictive delusion.
Far away from truth you hunted us.
You created tears - religious confusion.
Far away from truth you get lost in the physical world.