Resuscitate Me

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You can pick up the phone and I know, no one's home
but I don't think you know how much it means
just to hear the sound of your voice even if
it's your voice on the answering machine
I'm holding my breath until you come back again
but the air is getting less and less
I'm in love cpr, but you're so far away

Don't you let my heart die boy, this is an
Emergency you're what i need
All the chases for you, to come and put your lips on me
you help me to breathe, resuscitate me
I'm begging you please, you're all that I need
I want you to be the air that I Breathe
resuscitate me

Although this time in the place
that I will see your face, it's too hard to wait around
the problem is this seems so easy to miss
don't you know boy I need you here and now
you are the place that I fall apart and now
I don't know where to start
I'm in love cpr, but you're so far away

Put your hands on my heart
you touch came so deep
but boy when you'RE gone, I'm all alone
i can't start to breathe
resuscitate me, baby
resuscitate me, come on
resuscitate me, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Autor(es): Cutfather / Jonas Jeberg / W. Hector