Madder Mortem

Returning To The End Of The World

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I'm coming down to pick a short straw
To draw a fate out from a hand
To sever ties I was not made for
To ease the burden while I can

Stay until it's over
'Till those lights are out of range
It won't change a thing
But it makes it easier to take

You'll feel the slow hills behind me
Down there the road ends, and it's done
Did you mean to divide me?
It doesn't matter, anyhow

Stay until it's over
'Till that light is out of range
It won't change a thing
Just makes it easier to take

You see, the spell must break at dawn
If you look back, I will be gone

And everybody's on their own
What's yours is yours and yours alone
Reach out into cold, empty air
Like no one was ever there

And you are running out of time
If there's a way out here, it's mine

At the end, call my name

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