Acumen Nation

Revelations Per Minute

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Combat depression rules the world (and its killing you)
You'll live more life without anxiety ridden hidden pain
Gotta get in gotta get out gotta get what's coming back to you
Its time to reinvent, cuz what you got is all whacked

And in an alcoholic driven car,
You know you drive yourself mad
Just like you frightened away,
The only love that you had
You're so green to confidence
You're so blue to happiness
You're so on my nerves you dumb silly bitch
Its time for you to stand up and say,
Damn i just want to be heard!
(at 33 1/3!)

Welcome to the revelation revolution my friend

You've got the best advice around (but do you follow it)
Got your two-cents to buy the world (but your short some)
Got a gift got a back got so many goddamn people watching you
But you're so saddy-wad, you make me so sick...

Don't let them see you cry
Dent let them watch you fall
If you're supposed to be the rock
Then you're supposed to cover it all

Welcome to the revelation revolution my friend

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