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I'm back again
With wounds still fresh
Though lacking blood

I'll walk, I'll reign this
World again

I'm back once more
With no fear but the scar
Of a craven arrow

Your years are mine:

A brotherly alliance involves countless things
Sometimes even the treason and the tragedy

Your eyes still mirror
The same thought of ignorance
That's why I'm here
And what I bring to you
Is just a bitter consequence

That was called for
By the voice of deceit
A slight wind calls
For a thunderstorm
Called from within

The hands of betrayal lead by a sightless eye
Causing a clash of spaces and times
Bow and arrow - a unit torn apart
Forcing asunder spirit, body and heart

No sharp eye sees through bone
Better break it up to know that is inside

Crack it up and stare inside
To detect, to understand
And feel what is behind it all
Causes that lie behind

In the end
With no fear but the scar
Of a broken arrow
These years were mine:

For I resolved a higher wish
The sweetest consequence

That one is to draw
And one has to bear
Like two sides
Of shadows and glows
Call for the twilight
Called from within