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Cold and wet the empty streets
Hallow steps a fading sound
Here where they do their misdeeds
She rises from the ground

Through the dark she creeps
She's been called back to life
Yet unknown, yet unseen
A shadow in their minds

She says 'reverse… strike back'!

She's been known by many names
Before they banished her kind
Bound her for all centuries.
Erased her from their minds

Was it me that called her back to life?
Summoned her so many times
Too many absent years
Despair beyond repair

She's knocking at their doors
She whispers into their ear
Get up from the floor
Remember me, I am your voice

I am your defence
I will help you to strike
The darkest goddess of revenge
I will show you how to fight

Through dark streets and corridors
Frightened vessels, broken pride
She gathers more and more
She leaves a knife by their side

So they cut the fists that cause the pain
And she smiles satisfied
Her image burned in their minds
The memory of womankind

Remember her bittersweet words
Make the choice today
She's your shield; she's your sword
I hope she has come to stay

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