You and I


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From sea to shining sea i saw my father's blood,
staining my hands red, to compliment the breathless blue we throw to the sky, blood so red i cannot wash
it from my fucking hands, you made me hate what i am, senslessly you took what they had and wrote them out of a book stained in blood, foundation of expansion, but what happened to the children, ( passing through pages of national
heroes, our pride, why is their pride, why is their glory for stories of massacres made by a man with blood on his hands)
what happened to the children when their parents did not return, your love is selfishness, it is your happiness,
you take, put your hand over your heart, it needs its warmth, were all so fucking cold inside, from sea to shining sea,
i saw my father's blood, staining my hands red, to compliment, the thought of death never crossed your mind as you took their lives away, you take their lives.

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