The Bear Quartet


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Sad to hear that you're back
Visiting your friends and family
Knocked off someone's baseball cap
Picked it up and said "i'm sorry"
Already tired of this summer's carnival
It's top hot and i feel ill
Among all these people
I hate to wonder were you are

And they all say:
"sometimes you have to be lonesome
To know when you're the loved one"
And they always say to much
No matter how deep it cuts

If ever the train was waiting
If ever your suitcase was taking
Another little life
Then things could've worked out fine
And i would be the one
Walking with you in the harbour
And someone else would stand here thinking:
"there goes half a lovely couple"

And they all say:
"you need the lonely to feel homey"
And they always say to much
And words can't work as my crutch

Sad to see you back
Wondering where my friends are at

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