Beat Happening

Revolution Come and Gone

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when i a young man
never been kissed
Darn, thinkin it over
how much i've missed...
I hit the road to give it a try
got a girl in Reno just to watch her cry
(**note :reference to (?)johnny winter's "Kill a man in reno just to watch him die**)
making love, lettin blood
making love, letting blood (Blood in blood?)
revolution come and gone
i've got a hammer and i've got a well
i've got a secret that i'll never tell
the guilt and pain of all the places i've been
revolution begin
revolution come and gone
(behind your eyes burn out the dawn)
it's in their lies they hold back the dawn
of revolution come and gone
five years ago we were intense
the rest had caught up
the world was a mess
times got hard living high on the nod
lets take our bodies and flop and flop
revolution come and gone
revolution come and gone
twisting the sweater over your head
tearing the covers off of your bed
turning the tables to face the wind
revolution begin
revolution come and gone
revolution come and gone
i love watching your face redden
as we fear arrmegedon
i've got a lantern and i've got a cane
the secret in the cottage at the end of the lane
a safe haven for comitting out crimes
we'lll make love until the end of time
revolution come and gone
revoultion come and gone
making love letting blood
making love letting blood

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