Bizzy Bone

Ride or Die

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-Bizzy Bone-Intro-
Me and my dogs in this bitch (Ha ha) Regime (Ooh whee) Me and my Mac-11's Ak 47's...) Capo) Me and my motherfuckin' dogs (Ru Gotti) Mind over matter, homeboy. (You know what it is) Mind over fuckin' matter.
-Bizzy Bone-
And some of these niggas is just like pitbulls goin' straight for the nuts, but some of these niggas is nuts (C'mon) Then they run up and then I'm gonna bust him/ Man, I don't know nothin' and no one nuh-nuh-nuh/ Now, what if they wanted to bust in and duct tape us, us/ I used to have dope under my tongues, runnin' from all these police/ Now show me that money, money; I think I'm cumin' homey/ 150 niggas but I'm still hungry, lost and lonely/ Please don't trip off the watch/ Baby, it's only a trophy/ Slowly approach situations, lawyers all around the world sit through litigations, they hate me but fuck 'em, let's change the world/ Out of my backseat early and you know, Capo, he make me drink/ Thank God before I faint/ Thank God when I'm awake/ Niggas that die because of a doo-rag and in black suits troopin' movin' in skully caps like big black boots fake niggas intrusion/ Officer never could guard my army, keep mine strapped up/ Passed up, with a Mac-11, Ak 47's/ Yellin' Mo' Murda with the felon, felon
Ride or die, no other choice when you fuck with the 7th Sign/ Ready for war, ain't found the battlefield
-Prince Rasu-
Only 48 hours to remain, livin' life in vain/ Thinkin you top dollar, get blown to small change/ Earth's the main wasn't meant to be survived by the main/ Stash peepers get the nine milimeters at close range/ I'm a roast the overshadowin, blood money battlin'/ So cold, you're teeth chatterin'/ When the ooze starts splatterin' (Blah...) Investigative reports, need no shorts of info/ The side windows got shot the fuck out (Buck buck...) The right limo, Chi steppin' nigga/ Second baseline for every dime/ Top of the city divine, nigga, the world is mine till the world blow up/ Never had no love, I'm cold blooded/ Mark niggas get marked/ I'm off the plot by hundreds/ Drug money, straight dirty/ Blood money be my investment/ Fuck filin' bankrupt, I collect offerings like the Reverend/ Tongue numb in 'Caine with Arm & Hammer drop a Gram, uh/ Sold it in that bitch and watched the crackheads flip/ Stack bread quick, real mafia, made shit/ Top notches givin up picked like he was gettin' half on the rip/ You've been bamboozled like Malcolm, test the players outcome/ My game like novocain, shit that'll get your mouth numb/ Dumb gold diggers, I'm married to the triggers/ And all my true niggas walk blocks like sniper ninjas/ Tryin' to reach the higher figures, critical, came from Cuba/ Enemies infiltrator, run 'em up with German Rugers/ Rotweilers, sippin' Harvey by the motherfuckin' gallons/ Get your curtain closed, slug prooves get black talents/ Que Pasa? I'm a certified heart stopper/ I make the world revolve like the choppers, choppers (Buck, buck) I'm down and dirty like the bottomless pit/ Anonymous hits/ Silent murder bitches all out of the clique; This is it
-H.I.T.L.A.H Capo-Confuscious-
All the slang hang on Cleveland Avenue, gold/ Inhale it, hold/ Chemical, technological hydro caliminals/ Flossy, saggin' khaki's are dressed up in Versace/ Mental kamikaze, take control through uzi alley/ Rapidly bullets fly/ Shyste F.B.I got crooked schemes up they sleeve/ Devious, harrass for no reason/ Give suckas a gun and a badge; Now think they bad/ Pigs ain't nothin' but trash; Can't match my currency cash flow/ Strangle, choke and kill with a look like lunatics ill/ Gotta bring the madness/ Highly intoxicated, thanks Don Perignon/ Tear up the block party/ Posse deep/ Laughin' at bitches, please/ Fuck 'em all/ Pussy's wish they had some balls to brawl with/ The H.I.T.L.A.H. Capo alias Confucious

Autor(es): Bizzy Bone