Ride This Train

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I was just a child of ten
When I was told a train was comin'
Engine of steel, spirit of lightning
Heart of fire a place for me
I knew that's where I wanted to be

Ride this train

When I was a boy of sixteen
Fire in my eyes and filled with dreams
I took my place upon that train
I wanted nothing more than to pull that chain
And hear that whistle calling my name


I'm gonna ride this train through the streets of heaven
No side tracks I'm on the main line yeah
I'm gonna ride this train
I'm gonna ride this train
Well look out cause it's leaving the station
Look out people from every nation
It's gathering steam
Yeah, it's gathering steam
Hear that whistle blow!
Hear that whistle blow!!

Rails of life divide this land
Get ready cause it's leavin' yeah!

Autor(es): Steve Griffith

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