Riding In Cars With Girls

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We'll rent a big car and we'll drive all the way to Peru
I'll buy some magazines, some lady-stuff for you

You do the humming and I'll turn on the radio
Maybe they'll play "Daisies", that's my band,
but I wont let you know

I'll tell you some jokes and you'll probably laugh
You talk and you talk, while I sleep for an hour or a half

As you have the license you'll have to stay behind the wheel,
but I trust you
I've got no money, so you'll have to pay the whole deal,
and I'll let you

Riding In Cars With Girls

You think of the first kiss and I'll think of what follows after
You'll talk of lighting a bonfire and I'll put up a nervous laughter

ll of the time we'll be dreaming of beaches and sand
and the big blue
You'll say you hope you can get a good all-over tan,
and I'll let you
We'll drive by the coast till we find a small town by the sea
that will seem fit
Ask for the cheapest hotel, while we rest by a tree,
and we'll find it

We'll rent a small room and we'll head for the bed
We'll take off your dress while I think of what she did to me
and have my revenge

Autor(es): Moi Caprice

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