Pansy Division

Ring Of Joy

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With a mirror in your hand
Lay down on your bed and
Throw your' legs in the air
And see what's around the bend
Take a good long look
At a buried treasure
There between your cheeks
A hidden source of pleasure
It's an orifice for elimination
It's an orifice for exploration
Ring of joy, ring of joy
A new discovery to enjoy
Any girl or any boy
Can exercise their ring of joy
'Ooh but it's so dirty!'
Well, not if you keep it clean
Dicks have a good reputation
Even though they're used to pee
Learn to relax those muscles
With practice they'lt open wide
Hit your pleasure center from the other side
Ring of joy, ring of joy
A tight muscle to employ
Any girl or any boy
Can break through on that ring of joy
Did I mention latex?
Cause you know it is a must
Gotta protect yourself
Even with somebody you trust
It's a natural feeling
Don't let anyone tell you it's not
You don't have to be queer
But it helps a lot
Ring of joy, ring of joy
Erotic thrill, sexual toy
Any girl or any boy
Go all the way with your ring of joy

Autor(es): Jon Ginoli

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