Time Machine

Riot In The Colonies 753 A.C.

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Wheels keep turning, history repeats itself
It's a déjà vu
There's nothing new under the sun
Through the TV they get into my home and fill my brain with high ideals
Naked women as a deadly device, fulfil my dreams and release my pride

But when I wake up and look around I see the whole thing going down and down
Realize they managed to get into my brain and got me hanging on the wheel like a slave

And as time goes by the empire buys my soul
I've got to find myself a way out
I can still make it, I'm not alone

Help me hold the flame of truth across the dark night of lies

Standing here alone, searching for a sign
I need to break the wall and run away from lies
They point at me as a rebel, believeing I'm insane
While voices from high up get me going on and on and on

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