Amy Martin

Rise and Shine

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I live at the base of a mountain
She is sleeping on her side
When I wake up I look out the window
And watch the sun rise over her hip

And if you look right into that shining
It's bright enough to make you blind
I tug on the curtains and lie back in bed
And pull the covers up over my head
But that sun she ain't stopping for no one
She's blazing up through the sky
I can wake up now or wake up at noon
But later or sooner it's gonna be time to

Rise and shine
Get up, my girl
Rub the sleep from your eyes
Release your light on the world
Rise and shine
It's true nothing's permanent
But you have a place in the firmament
So rise and shine

I used to sing in my basement
When no one else was at home
The only time I felt free to shine
Was when I was alone

In the safety of that solitude
I was radiant with light
Surrounded by four thick walls
I could lift my wings and fly
But now I'm not hiding for no one
I'm blazing up through the sky
I'm waking up, I'm starting to bloom
No more singing to empty rooms

You may always hear the voices
Which shout their doubts and warnings
But you'll always have choices
And always mornings
To rise and shine

Oh grace you are amazing
Your sound it is so sweet
I once was lost but now am found
I believe, I believe

When we all have been here
Ten thousand years times ten
There's no less time for us to shine
And no better time to begin
So rise and shine…