Rise Of The Fallen Kingdom

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Rise dead angels rise!!! rise dead angels rise!!!
From the depths i summon thee!!!
Rise dead angels rise!!!
Centuries have passed, time stood still
Beware the prophecies, they are real
Fallen angels that turned to dust will rise again
Satan we heed the call to triumph over the father
[solo: blackthorn]
Out of the boundaries of hell we break the chains that bind us
Destroying the disciples of god, challenging the holy laws
Guardians of heaven, face the rise of our fallen kingdom - rise of a fallen kingdom!
Scorched black by fire, hail to satan!!
Necromancers of the earth, hail to satan!!!
Bring forth the father, hail to satan!!!!
Witness the persecution of our father, hail to satan!!!
Attack the doors of heaven, break apart its bars
Attack the barriers of heaven, take the walls by force
Open the doors of heaven, open wide the gate
I am the great shadow, ruler of heaven
Open the gates of hell, our rage ascending from the abyss
No door can shut us out, no bolt can turn us back
[solo: valac]
Holy angels fall like rain from the sky
Turn to vapors, mist upon the earth
We have brought down the almighty
We brought down the forest of the east
The blood of man is the spirit of vengeance
Rise of a fallen kingdom!!!
Rise dead angels rise!!! rise dead angels rise!!!

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