Rise Omega The Consequence!

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The endless number, eternity
Beyond, entwined - The surface of this universe
Starlight, void, blackness
As we drift through timeless abyss of fire

Come void! Grant us death!
We will fly heavenwards shrouded in dust
Multiply the numbers of lives
Step by step we shall cross realities

Enlightened, we shall pass the line fearlessly
The mission of fate shall be disclosed
Catharsis of the cosmic fire is under way
Timeless void through billions of aeons

Rise! Omega the consequence!
Spun through burning Karma
One scene - One entropy
All choices combine and and culminate
Our timeless homes beyond
The zone of expulsion

[Lead: Destroyer]

For I am final consequence!
I rise from the ashes of time
The burning essence of the core within the cosmos
Cold, apocalypse's fire

You cannot stop these worlds from burning
Fragmented world is unable to rebuild
Nothingness enveloping is all the you can see
Final annihilation of all existence

Fake as the lives imposed from the Dark World
As fake as human reality
All of your visionaries
With ropes around their necks
We are our past failing to come back