Rise Up The Hordes

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Today is a day of war, so is tomorrow
And so is the day after tomorrow
War is everything we know
War is everything we see

Peace can not be in our thougths
Because it can weaken our will
Peace is the period we have
Between this war and the next one

Nothing more

We must master war
We must breathe it, and the others must know us
By our skill in it win and conquer

We must be fearful

Let them tremble by the sound of our boots in their land
Let them despair by the glimpse of our faces
And let them run in the line of our guns
And only if they are fast enough let then survive
Because the shots to be fired are meant to kill

Take your weapons
Tighten your belts
March, with pride and impiety
Let then learn by the hardest way
The only way we know

Let's sound like war
Rise up against then and now

Unleash the storm

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