Rising From The Black

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New protectors of the fire
De-evolutioned reign
For the children of the wire
An envy life of pain
In the wastelands of the world
The evil has survived
A tyranny of the sword
Horror comes to live

From here until eternity
Live will find it's way
The holy God's made sorcery
A fate you can't betray

In the plains of the damned
In the heart of the wasteland
The hordes are gathering
For the final stand
Rising from the black
In the heart of the wastelands
To kill and to destroy it all
Until all life will end

Half of man and half machine
The spirits of the past
Materialized to rule the scene
Evil's here to last

Invincible bionic force
Of metal, steel and flesh
Marching on the battlefield
For the final clash

From here until forevermore
Bionic hordes will reign
The winners in this final war
Are free from doubt or pain