River cold but not deep

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How many times have I said this
How many times have I dared
God dammit I guess I'm still counting
All the useless times I cared
How many times have I promised
To keep my mouth shut
Some promises are made to be broken
And some are made to rot

It's not about fear
They're facts nailed to the ground
I'm the one building things
You're tearing them down
Your river's dead cold
But that don't mean it's deep
I don't think you'll ever get past my knees

I'm bored of you
Guess I shouldn't have read you all
With a stick in your trap
Everything looks small
I've seen your sores and everything else
How can you fool me when you're fooling yourself
Remember for you my door's always closed
And I'll never knock on yours

You make me feel free
You make me feel alone