River Of Perdition

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Here, the slight souls hang around
and scream like bats in condemnation
I listen to their desperate sound
In the floods of devastation

This is the land called Tartaros
where I wandered through the mire
Chased by visions, grief and loss
Across the fields of death and fire

River of Perdition,
With my harp I sing this song for you!
Oh River Styx, don't you hear my words?
River of Perdition,
Without harm let me pass through!
Oh River Styx, I want to fly like the birds

The river washes our souls away
Into greedy Hades, which I detest
Heroes and fools shall be an equal prey
For hungry waters streaming west

Athirst for spirits, flesh and skin
A watery movie scene is all I see
Relights the mirror deep within
and conducts my dim memory

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