River's Edge/Strip the Flesh

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Say you wanna make it the nighttime's deadly stare
Never ever dreamed I'd deliver such a deep forbidden lair
Tempt you take it, I'll take you for a ride
Forever down by the river where I'll breath you deep inside
Say pushâ?¦Say push it inâ?¦Say pushâ?¦Say push itâ?¦in
There is no pain without my name, there is no pain without my name
There is no pain at all
Strip! In a fever lick my carcass
I need to rape your shattered bones
In a fever you were taken from my bed
I need to suck you in!
My severed sore, you were a victim of my pain within
Tormented twin, my pain within
To live without your presence is but a sin
Because I need your pain, I need your pumping brain
I need to break you
Rippingâ?¦Tearingâ?¦I need to strip the flesh

Autor(es): Genitorturers