Sam Hall

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Well my name is Sam Hall
Sam Hall
My name it is Sam Hall and I hate you and all damn yer eyes
I killed a man, they said, they said
I killed a man, they said and I smashed his head and I left him laying dead
Damn his eyes
Well a'swinging I must go, I must go
A'swinging I must go while you mother fuckers down below yell up
Sam I told you so damn yer eyes
I saw Molly in the crowd, in the crowd
All I hollered out loud ,hey there Molly ain't you proud damn yer eyes
Well the sheriff he came too, he came too
Yeah, the sheriff he come too and he Sam how are you and said how are YOU damn yer eyes
My name is Samual, Samual
My name is Samual and I'll see you all in Hell, and I'll see you all in Hell

Autor(es): Jörgen Elofsson

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