Tech N9ne


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- Hey, hey mr? Tig, how you doing, man? thanks so much for having me here to your house
- Welcome to my home
- You have a beautiful home, man, this is, this is wonderful
- Thank you, I never invite anyone to my home, but this is very special sign here
- No, I'm honored, man, I'm really honored, thank you so much
- But before we get started, you mind if we just chill out here, it's a beautiful night, can just relax?
- No, I don't, I don't mind it all, man, let's just chill
- Here, sit right here, take a sit
- Oh, okay
- Yeah
- Hey, this is nice
- Here, have a drink
- What's this?
- Oh... It's just something to relax you, go ahead
- Oh, okay
- Gives you swagger
- Uhm, feels good
- You need that swagger to be big?
- Yeah
- I want you just to relax
- Huh-uh
- Go to sleep
- Yeah
- You will all be paid to be...

[Hook: Ben-g da prince of soul]
(Rock, rock) rockabye (rock, rock) rockabye
(Stop, stop) stop, you won't play me
(Not, not) not a guy (hot, hot) hot as I
(Rock, rock) rockabye, baby
(Go to sleep, go-go-go to sleep) you make me go
(Go to sleep, go to sleep) oh, you make me go
(Go to sleep, go-go-go to sleep) you make me go
(Go to sleep) rockabye, baby

[Tech n9ne:]
That's what it be feelin like when they bear you through
Every stereo radio, and they swear you true
But the dopey delivery is unbearable
Drink (caribou)
Gotta grab your nads, you in the building
Rip it til you blast, they ass, up in the ceiling
Look a lot of rappers trash, ain't got the feelin
Not in your brain, to wanna change, up your energy game
What a shame, you got a name, but you're lyrically lame
Sedated, save it, cause your memory stained
From 'caine you're faded, a beginner remains
With fame you're jaded, and you give me your lane
I came to spray it, and it finna be pain
Will you please, stop...
Rappin that crap that you givin me, mayne?
I been fiendin foe, meanin flow
But they thought process seemin slow
You ain't gotta rap hella fast for me to like you
But wake the fuck if they screamin, bro
And that's good, you're able to get your green and go
But a lot of you shouldn't wanna be seen in show
Cause when I go to your set you be leanin low


[Tech n9ne:]
Never do you really gotta be I'll as me
Lyrically, stalled
Lot of rappers gonna wanna grit they grill at me
Furiously, y'all
But when you run up and then you find out villains we
Fear is recalled
Music and murkin niggas don't really wanna deal with me
Seriously, dawg
Your flow's on nyquil, or them night pills
Or that codeine, that y'all drank
It's a funny sight for real, the people like you still
When you so lean, that you can't
Spit one of your verses, worse, you just faint
Better get a nurse, a hearse, and kiss paint
Watch a nigga urk and jerk, he's on the purp
A percocet alert, to earth, if it's quaint in a...
Box, see me comin but can't even swing at me (weak as fuck)
When you be rappin, you mummy, you don't wanna see me
Screamin up to the tip-top, a lot of you rappin, it be ziploc
All I'm sayin, is I never wanna have no msg in my hip-hop
(Ehe-haha? Fan you feel it? feel the swagger, hahaha)


[Tech n9ne:]
Last thing I'm gon say
The people don't really have green or gold pay
So when you think of rapping and go lay
Your vocal, you better, mash mean and go cray
But if you a beginner still, in a deal
And yo remedial rappin is in a mill
I guess I better slow it down a little bit and go pop me a couple of (benadryl)
Fuck, nigga, why you wake me up, nigga?
Makin million dollars layin in the cut, nigga
Fuck what you say, I been 'sleep for two day
Go to sleep, tech n9ne, nigga, too paid

Stay alive, homeboy, that's all I want you to do
You make me go (go to sleep, go to sleep)
Oh, oh, you make go (go to sleep, go-go-go to sleep)
You make me go (go to sleep) rockabye, baby

Autor(es): ,Ben-g Da Prince Of Soul