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As ten thousand maniacs emerge form an oasis that-s everclear
My soundgarden was invented to blind melons and smash pumpkins
How could a whole nation of crash test dummies hope to release the grapes
of wrath
On the day of Sabbath knowing it-ll be black
Especially when they might be giants and they take to the air with stone
temple pilots
I-m in a parachute club with the motley crew
My b-52, fires nine inch nails
Radiohead, I cause phonetic quiet riots
My tragically hip fight with the spirit of the west
Society-s no fucking use to where white zombies have nofx
Now cowboys are turning into junkies
Hanging themselves with lasso-s, singing blues about rodeo-s that once
stood true
Have no time to fight with those fools
Alice-s in chains and cold hearted iron maidens claim the have the ministry
of sound for U2
While everyone-s raging against the machines
Their watching us on satellites form Georgia
But there-s more in my set than Atlantis and it won-t crash into Vegas
cause my man smith has the arrow
The moral to this peril is Hades have no fury and mc-s scorn
And I would continue this verse but nothing rhymes with orange!!

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