Deborah Harry


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"Some," said the Jaybird to the Cockatoo,
"want a commitment from inside the zoo".
"Say, hey birdbrain, why be sly? Tell me how a
rockbird can learn to fly!"
"Hello Joe! Whadooya know? I just got back from
the animal show! I left my history teacher sitting in
the bleachers and got back in time to see the second
half of creature features!"
Rockbird (pretty boy).
Rockbird (pretty boy).
Fast as light.
Rockbird (pretty boy).
Rockbird (pretty boy).
Back at the compound they start to get up, looking at
the bottom of an empty cup.
"Say, hey, they got the tropics with the
"Back to basics, a tweedle dee dee."
"I got to get a go-go, get me outa this cage!
Birdland dancing is all the rage."
"I got to get me up there for a bird's eye view.
It's bird walking weather, see ya back at the

Autor(es): Chris Stein / Debbie Harry