Against Me!

Rock 'N' Roll Bullshit

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The chorus to this nights song is a predicted disgust.
A bootstrap appeal to the light of the T.V. Rock n Roll shit,
predicted hits, repeat and justify.
Token tantrums fight the good fight and reflect,
this is what's spoken regardless of what's real.
It's the sound of a generation strumming to rebellion,
at the drumbeat of the bandwagon. Sing to the crisis. Sing to
the hope. Tomorrow's 8-track art in advert integrity.
Pedestal flag waving, industry tricks for a soundtrack of
My place in the sun, common legacy to learn,
common hate to fear and cash in.
Another anthem to the airwaves so raise your fist and sing.
Is this the peoples music, or a pop songs lesson in freedom.
Sing to the crisis. Sing to the hope.
The next move the next direction the next prolific profit.
New vibration to an era's institution. Rock n Roll bullshit,
play it up again. Sway side to side and repeat dance the night
Sing to the crisis. Sing to the hope.

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