Rock, Sea, And Tree

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Hidden in the shelter of the winds of torment
A rock and a tree were riding high
On a current of infinite nebula
From time to time, the sea,
With maternal gentleness,
Caressed the dreamy lovers with her foam
You know tree, there is beneath me
The power of the infernal Gods
You see rock, above me,
Billions of angels in heavenly chorus
We are the power and the glory edified
To defy all men and all Gods
The platinum armour we erected
In the wisdom of the third wave
Will never die...
Jupiter and Neptune hearing these
Defiant words call together
The paranoid counsel
The first time they had made council,
The Cyclope was defeated
For the glory of Ulyesses
They sent their strength and transcendant power
From the depth of the sea
And the height of the heavens

Thoughtless of the future, the rock and tree
Contemplated the sea

The slave, the sea, brought to'them
Magical fairy food and the cool wellbeing
Of the garden of Eden
The lovers turned their eyes
Towards the West
And low and behold on the horizon
The sea rising in a violent rage
Racing forward in a murderous folie
The sky black and heavy
Weighing upon this cataclysm
Which surged in fury
To annihilate the innocents
"Look the sea !
What does she want of us?"
"She 's going to destroy !
Stop sea ! Stop it ! "
But she fell upon them in thunderous roar
And in seconds they were no more !

They felt torn apart
In the depths of sorrow
And that bitter truth which was theirs
What remained the atrocious spectacle
To perceive each other thousands of miles apart
Separated by myriods of vengeful crystals
Which banished them forever
From the garden of Eden
"Do you know why I'm floating"
Cried the rock to the tree
Who felt oppressed by tons of evil liquid
The tree was silent
There was nothing to say

In another place, a tiny stone and a tree shoot
Were grooving together
And eternally they repeat these words :
"Jupiter, Neptune, and you the sea
Your wish will never be..."

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