For Squirrels


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A man walks into a knife
learns disillusionment from lack of life
with 4 crappy chords and some gall
wanna change it all
gonna change it all
and have you ever seen
reflexive lyrics on a lyric sheet
a slide down fantasy
to get to the bottom of personality

I'm not a visionary,
change once again in a year
Sensationalistic pop song, not your mothers'
generational car
stardom plays on a fear
musical pissings for the boaster
change once again in a year
sarcastic nonsense rollercoaster
this generation's gullible ear
I talk around a knife
learn some encouragement
from fanship's light
Who'll be the next in line
I can't stop thinking how to stop this ride
for all the chords to come
could I be the one?
could you be the one?
but have you ever been?

I'll tear your head off,

(Rollercoaster, in my oyster)

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