The Rembrandts

Rollin' Down the Hill

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You ask me where we're goin'-well i don't know
Let's just sit back and dig the radio
Now we've been friends forever-would i let you down?
It's time to stop and take a look around
And when the gears begin to grind
Think of all the mountains we have climbed
Not so long ago we were standin' still
And now we're rollin' down the hill (down the hill)
I got a pack of troubles-you've got yours too
And we both know that that ain't nothin' new-ohh
So get up off your worries-roll away the stone
And live the life that you have never known
(chorus)...rollin' down the hill
Where we going to?...rollin' down the hill
(chorus 2x)
Down the hill... down the hill... ooooooooooh
Rollin' down the hill
Where we goin' to?... rollin' down the hill
Say what?!!!!... rollin' down the hill
Rollin' down the hill

Autor(es): The Rembrandts

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