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Romance - she danced into my life one night.
Romance - across a crowded room she looked so right.
And suddenly the whole world just stood still

I knew i had to move or i'd blow my chance making sweet

Romance - she had the spark to set my heart on fire.
Romance - i knew she felt me burning with desire.
And as i reached to ask her for her hand
She offered me a look i'll never forget.

For tonight you're mine
Darling we can take our time.
Turn the lights down low
Tonight i feel like letting go
And making sweet

Romance - then i stroke your hair
Feel your face.
Romance - i feel you start to move with such grace.
I hold you in my arms
You tremble and shake

And when i kiss your mouth it thrills me to death.
For tonight you're mine
We can take our time. .

Romance - romance - romance - romance
Ca me fait vibrer et trambler
La facon donc tu me touches.
I'll make romance
I will make romance.
I want
Want make romance
With you i wanna make romance.

Autor(es): Alan Tarney / David Cassidy

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