Musiq Soulchild


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All this time you've been missing something girl
And I've been trying to fill in all the empty spaces
Up till now you haven't been romanced or loved
But you keep on holding back and pushing me away because

You said you never had, said you never had
Someone to love you back, someone to love you
And when you gave your heart, and when you gave your heart
You didn't give your all
So let me be the one, let me be the one
To show you there is more, to show you there is more
Just give yourself to me, give yourself to me
And let me free you girl


Romancipate yourself to all that you like
You'll never know unless you give it a try
Cause all the things you ever wanted to do
I can make it happen if you want me to

I can't understand why you act so nervous girl
When you know my heart is filled with good intentions
And that I'll never set out to hurt you babe
But I guess that's just not enough to convince you to stay because
(Repeat Pre-Hook)


So girl won't you let me be the one to show you better
I promise you that you'll want it always and forever
So stop procrastinating there's so much love here waiting
All you got to do is give into your romancipation

Autor(es): Carvin Ransum Haggins / Ivan Orthodox Barias / Larry Graham / Musiq (Soulchild)