Hatsune Miku

Romeo And Cinderella (translation)

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dont let my love becomes like the Juliets tragedy
take me away from here

thats the kind of feeling

goodnight, dad and mom
wish you have a good dream
it's the time where adults should be sleeping

the enchanted caramel that'll make you choke
I cross my naked legs shyly
how far will we proceed tonight?

don't bite me, Treat me gentlely
I don't like bitter things yet
probably because I always ate those sweets that mother made

if there are things that we don't know
we'll try to understand, aren't that normal?
show me everything
only you'll see my...

I always wanted to be like Cinderella
running out with just the uniform
magic, please stop the time
if not, those bad people will come interfere

I want to run away just like Juliet
but please dont call me by that name
thats right, well have to be together
if not, then it wont be happy

so, want to live with me?

the eyelashes that become longer because of the mascara
I promise I'll become a good girl tomorrow
So forgive me for now

the borderline of black lace
today, the people guarding it is not here
How far we're going beyond it?

So hard that I bit you, So hard that it hurts
I'm in love you you
but father seems doesn't like you

they say that the hands that you spread out for me
is holding a collar right?
take me away, my Romeo
so far until we'll get scolded

the bell sounds just like Cinderella
I'll leave Glass Shoe
so please find out faster
if not, I'll be worried because of the nightmares

that girl is like that isn't it?
lied that she dropped it accidentally
that's right, I'm also like that
that's because I want to be loved more

see, I'm right here

do you want to take a peek into my heart?
things you want is overflowing right?
but I still can hold, so fill me with even more stuffs
ah yes, why not even fill up the place you are at now?

but that'll become meaningless

compare with a big box
seems like happiness is found in a small box
how now? if this continues
you'll start to hate me

but father and mother that are even greedier than me havent change up until now
thats right, just be honest to ourselves
the axe I drop into the lake is the golden axe

the Cinderella that lied too much
Iis said to have been eaten by the wolf
how now? if this continues
Ill probably be eaten up one day too

save me before that day comes, okay?

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