The Tear Garden

Romulus And Venus

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everything you gave me lies within a
trunk, within a drawer
I burned one hundred photographs or more
I fled across the ocean wioth another
face, another name
Nothing but my soul remained the same
But still you came with cases I was
forced to let you stay
You bought the locks, the box in which
I lay
I tried to get away from you
I tried to make a break
You always see right through me,
there's no escape
I can still remember you with coronets,
white horses
I would run behind you'd flash a sign
I'd dive
Just to serve you
Night time's turned the lady to a girl
again, you'd slip away
You tried to kiss my tears away,
pretend there was no day to take me down
Nightshade, blades, Niagra falls - I
tried them all six times
You would always run behind me
And you'd find me
Keep me on a leash, on a line
I'm uncomfortably resigned
There's no release till you untie me
Deny me

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