Say What?

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Say what you want to say - the same old thing.
Say what you want to play - the same old game.
Say what you want to say - I won't change.
Say what you want to say - just look my way.
What you see is what you get.
This is who I am, nothing less.
You think you're better but you bleed red like the rest of us but are you willing to
Now that's the real test.
Who you know,
Where you're from and what you've done in my eyes!
None of that matters.
Staying true to yourself is what we strive for!
Staying true to myself, now who's hardcore?
I say it now, I said it then!
For all those who always try to offend.
You paint a picture but you still don't comprehend one thing about me 'cause you ain't my friend