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feeling your way through another day
living in between the time
of a life that is before you
and a life you-ve left behind
you're giving it out you're taking it in
passing by a tension slow
and then the only time that you know is now
and the only way you see is go
is that sense of duty
lifting all the time
gathering more speed now
before we're starting to climb

close but no cigar
don't speak your mind

I never thought it would be like this
but then you never know what you might find
you were waiting in the queue and I said to you
don't you think it's been too long a time
kinda hold on brother I could do with another
shot of walking out the door
then you smiled at me the gift was free I said
just what are waiting for
climb on up behind me
got no secret left to hide
you know ther's only one road we must oh to ride

close but no cigar
rosalinda don't speak your mind

just sustained song about moving along
just another mile in the road
just enough to hear the brakes complaining
underneath a very heavy load
everytime I start to draw the line
I'm letting all my thoughts run free
thinking of a sedative underneath the sky
everything but no TV
was I like no one
impregnable just and seen
sunken treasure maybe
but not a lesser being

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