Ben Colder

Rosie's Garden

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I beg your pardon I'm standin' out here in Rosie's Garden
A drinkin' this good wine I gotta have a litlle fun sometime
When I drink a little bit you know how I get so let's go whoa whoa whoa
I beg your pardon Rosie come out here in your flower garden

You'd better look before you leap that balcony is steap
And you're gonna find I'm not the kind to step aside and let you fall
Though you squashed me like a rubber ball
This sweet berry brew will make our love true
It'll warm up a girl right now and we'll be in the clover so call off rover
So come on down ant let's get jolly Rosie you're a lot of fun by golly
Come along and share the good wine while you can

I beg your pardon I senerade you from your flower garden
Drinkin' the good wine gonna have a lot of fun this time
Nap na na na ne ne ne ne
I beg your pardon Rosie you have a lovely garden

I would sing a love tune and howl at the moon
If that's what it takes to make you jump right down in my arms
Really won't do you no harm
I think I'd better warn you might lit on a thorn
But there will always be me right here to pull it out
You know what I'm talkin' about
So come on down and let me kiss you one more drink and I'll fly up and get you
Come along and share the good wine while you can

Come on Rosie jump baby here we go now OK I'll get ya
I beg your pardon
Rock through the flower garden sorrrie Rosie
Have a good time anyway OK
Ooeee I beg your pardon

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