Almanac Singers

Round and Round Hitler's Grave

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Now I wished I had a bushel
Wished I had a peck
Wished I had old Hitler
With a rope around his neck
Hey, round, round Hitler's grave
Round, round we go
Gonna lay that poor boy down
He won't get up no more
Mussolini (Hermann Goering) won't last long
Tell you the reason why
We're a-gonna salt his beef
And hang it up to dry
The German army general staff
I guess they missed connection
Went a hundred miles a day
But in the wrong direction

I'm a-goin' to Berlin
To Mister Hitler's town
I'm gonna take my forty-four
And blow his playhouse down

How Hitler went to Russia
In search of Russian oil
But the only oil he'll find there
Is a pot in which he'll boil

(Hitler said to Goering
Here's what he did say
I can't understand this Russian snow
It's getting too hot for me)

Now Mister Hitler's traveling mighty fast
But he's on a one-way (single) track
Started down that Moscow road
But now he's coming back

Autor(es): Millard Lampell / Pete Seeger / Woody Guthrie