You and I


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My heart bleeds when you're not around, mend it with your touch, to touch your face is to dream, ending in a nightmare, wake me up, i'm lying next to you.
Do you feel me, i still see that look in your eyes.
I still feel your warmth, even though it seems light years away. the rose will flourish with time. it is all we need.
I swear I know, it will be alright this time, we did not lie about what we said. I know, yes,
i know, we did not lie, it will be ok, the stars are out, the stars are out for us tonight, and i will try to capture them and give them to you so we can breathe.
I stood on the edge on one thousads tears, and thought that i would jump, my lungs could not draw enough air to keep me from suffocating,
i'll try myself.