Ancient Ceremony

Secrets Under Blackened Sky

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The Glance of the Red Wine,
so lovely in dim Starlight
Only the Moon is Witness of my Revenge

"Thee robbed me my most precious,
so await my sinister Lust
Lycanthropia, I hunt the Night
the Tears of Thine for me like Showers of Gold"

Thy feeble Screams create the Mood of Symphonies to my Ears
For the Blood of the Weak, who took away my Dearest,
is Water of the eternal Life floating through my Veins
Like a Shark in deep-blue Waters
I dive into Black Sky, tasting Thy Blood

"Ah, strengthen me mortal Creatures!"

Whilst I feel the Hour arriving when lunar Light will caress
the Grave of my Beloved with Resurrection
Thou feel Death's Claws
Death's pure Claws

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