Running in the dark

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quietly swearing i rush through town
jacket on my shoulder just fuckin' around
yesterday's newspaper under my arm
i don't look attractive but i don't care
i stop in every bar and dive
and shoot down beer and rye
and then i get going so that i'm not late
and before saying hello to her
i'll touch her lips lightly
and we'll go oft together into the night

she wants me to talk softly
and not go on about my problems
she wants to live with someone really
she looks at others but thinks about me
she confesses that she's married
but she's not involved with her man
and i stay quiet reflecting imporfantly
her fingers want a culprit
and just fly over my face
o.k. woman what the hell is wrong

discreetly whispering i mention the movies
outside it's depressing but inside it's fun
expensive cash for boring hours
don't be sad sweetheart i'm thinking about you
then she gets me some popcorn
peanuts and salty sunflower seeds
she's really trying to make me happy
and all around us hungry people
papers keep rustling it stinks from behind
oh my god what a lousy real film

midnight gets closer the show goes on
we sit in the car and go off somewhere
outside the city there are places
nice little spots on the edge of nowhere
we start screwing the air is heavy
a strong light falls on us directly
it's so crazy it's actually a train
we grab the wheel and push the gas
cold sweat bites into my ass paranoia
we're running away into the dark