Dinosaur Jr.

Said the People

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I've been staring, I've been staring in the space
All this time, not a smile, such a waste,
I don't wanna, I don't wanna know
I cant tell you, I just have to go

[Chorus: x4]
All the people
All the people drag me down
All the people
All the people that I know
Save me (4x)

Bring me something, bring me something I can eat
Well here's one thing, but it's not the one I chose
I can't help it, hope you show up soon
I can't help it, I coming home with you (?)

[Chorus: x4]

Can you tell me, can you tell me what went wrong
Guess I should have seen it coming all along
Gotta fight it, I gotta be strong
There gotta be something, you let it drag on and on

[Chorus: x4]

Autor(es): J Mascis