Sanity Of Madness

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Time to burn myself again
Time to waste your love, free my pain
I have reached the end of the rope
The red line that runs my life

Time to close my heart again
Time to kill you and go insane
Like a teardrop from my eye
I have reached my last hope …

Why do i walk around and around
With the sun i am bound
The path i walk is deep inside
I am lost with my own tide

Is this sand the land of mine
As long as there is no line, it's fine
And i don't give a damn if it's more or less
'cause i've seen the sanity in madness

Always the same
Different day
The essence is alike
Endured it for a long time
But time's up for changes
Gonna do something about it
If i could
Only get up

The heaviness of living is what kills me in the end
The irony is sickening and not a little frightening
Trapped in a ditch with a crumbling wall
Can no one hear my call

Standing on the edge
Prepare to jump