Epic Rap Battles Of History

Sarah Palin Vs. Lady Gaga

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Oh boy
Look what we have here
A transvestite with a keyboard
Trying to be freak of the year
Your voice sounds like a rooster
Having sex with a frog
They put a lot of lipstick on you
But you still look like a dog
Put down that teacup honey
Go put on some pants and
Stop letting little monsters
Teach you how to dance and
You may be gaga
But you ain't a lady at all
I've seen those outfits you've been wearing
That takes big balls

I think i'd rather elect a smurf than vote for you
Governor of alaska?
That's like the principal of a home school!
You are the sum of everything i despise
With the most dysfunctional family
Since the jackson fucking five
Just trust me, your fifteen minutes of fame came and went
Go back to your igloo
Spend some time with your kids before they're pregnant
Your frigid little body couldn't even handle what i do
I think the truth is, sarah, my music just scares you

The music doesn't scare me, i'm a mother of five!
I killed moose with my bare hands before you were alive
Everything you do is just a rerun of madonna
Your fans are in a frenzy like a bunch of gay piranha!

I sound more intelligent than you when i fart
I wonder if you even know how to spell the word 'art'
You don't belong in politics, you belong in a hockey game
History will regret you like john mccain

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