Satan Is Beautiful

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He rules hell's domain, a chief satanist
Rules supreme, turns the new page to doom
His 7 legions, play with war, his command
It's golden ecstasy for demons

In night, connecting to inferno
Opened the door of darkness
Travelin' of the speed of light
Saw the evil never seen

His heart full of morbid mortal's blood
His 666, it's sigh of king of hell
He calls down killings and bleedings,
Raise, the massacre
He rapes the angels, take those wings

[repeat *]

Satan is beautiful, to hell and back
Seen the pits of hell, kissed Lilleth fair
He is the evil eye possessed beyond belief
He'll bring the dead of the night
Into your flesh and bone
You can take a trip with him
If you wish to live of dark
Follow him and together
Holding high the reversed cross
Watch the mortal bleed
Drink the blood and feel his wrath

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